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Top 5 Best Water Purifier in India – 2019

India has a strong issue with water. Tap water is very polluted and If you are not taking care of it you can be harming your health and from your familiy .

Water purifiers are so necessary for the health of people, since they eliminate numerous bacteria contained in water, even if is bottled water. Due to this, purifiers are designed with a water filter, which has the function of cleaning and retaining dirty particles from the water. It could be harmful to the health of humans.


You need a water purifier for your home that works optimally and helps reduce the risk of pollution in our body. Then if you are interested in buying these simple but absolutely necessary items for you to have a healthy intake of water, this is your article!

You will find here the best options in the market for water filtration, as well as the characteristics of the products (different brands, models, technologies, among other attributes). So that you can purchase one of these products safely and with guaranteed quality.

The Top 5 Best Water Purifiers

So, if you have any doubts about these devices or how to buy them, among other unknowns you might have, dare to read on so that you can find out all about water purification and solve those doubts of yours.

1. Kent Grand

It includes a Ro purifier and ultraviolet light, making this option one of the bestselling water purifiers. This model is the top choice in purifiers for its advanced design and technology, which gives users a great option to mineralize water purification.

kent water purifier

It needs to be installed by technical personnel but, once it’s done, you get a device for home or workplace that is capable of storing 8 liters of water. It also contains reversed osmosis water, an excellent pure water filter and a TDS controller which retains minerals necessary for the body, amongst other benefits.

Its capacity storage is 8 litres. More than enough for a family users. And the warranty goes until the 2 years. One of the best options if you want to have a good drinking water quality

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Its futuristic and transparent design wins the prize for purifiers and therefore makes it our favorite, apart from its functions and guarantee, it’s also ideal for resting on the wall of your home, making it one of the best options in water purifier models.

  • Good quality on the water and machine
  • You get someone who will install it for you
  • 4 years on free service
  • Although you have 4 years free service, if they have to come back to your home they may ask some extra payment


2. Aquasure Aquaguard Water Purifier Smart Plus

This model of Aquaguard water purifier is one of most populars into the buyers. Most of their opinions and reviews are very positive and is one on count if you are thinking on buying a realiable machine for the purification of the water

aquaguard ro

It has a RO-UV water purifier system in order to covert common water into drinking water and guarantee water clean from microbes. It’s able to store up to 6 liters of purified water daily.

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Apart from its elegant design, it has technology that allows energy saving, when the tank is full; it immediately turns off to stop consuming electricity. You can treat water from different sources, whether from wells, taps and more, through a process that will transform the water into drinking water.

The cartridge that contains the water filter is designed to process up to 6,000 liters of water to maintain a supply of purified water throughout the year.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the best water purifiers for home use, to has the best quality level of purification in your water , especially if you want to have an elegant water purifier with a great design in your kitchen.

  • Good Quality Price range
  • You get someone who will install it for you
  • Higher maintenance cost


3. Pureit Hul Classic

An other great option for having the possibility to get safe drinking water purification, is this model of Pureit Hul Classic. One of the best sellers in Amazon India

pureit filter price

The first thing that stands out from the outside of this water purifier is that it has a fairly elegant design, which is perfect for a modern kitchen, besides, it has an automatic shutdown and a germinal life indicator.

It can store up to 5 liters of water and it has a purification process with several stages which leads to ahigh quality water filtration. The technology incorporated into this purifier that provides purified water was named Germkill and its guaranteed because it does not only kill bacteria, but it’s also build to eliminate viruses.

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Its design is also remarkable since it doesn’t require any installation. If you use it as water storage, it doesn’t require electricity, as it purifies water by gravity.

  • Good Quality Price range
  • Is one of the reliable cheapest options on the market right now
  • Some people has some problems on leaking some water at the beggining on their use and the instructions are not very clear
  •  The solution is to not fill the transparent section completely


4. Tata Swach Smart

A non electric option. More simple than the rest of the desings, but for a good price

ro+uv+uf+tds water purifier

One of the best water purifiers for home at a cheap price, it has a robust design and a transparent body. For every liter of water, it can eliminate one hundred (100) bacteria and one (1) core virus.

In addition, the Tata Swach is internationally acclaimed for being practical, small and of high quality, also for its ease of maintenance and mounting, which doesn’t offer any problems; also it contains a cartridge that has a long life and a bulb that works with up to 1,500 liters of water.

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The best thing is it’s electricity-free operative and capable to store 7.5 liters of water and purify up to 1,500 liters.

  • Very cheap price
  • Doenst require installation
  • without electricy
  • Is a very simple desing but doenst give you all the results and quality on the water like the other options 


5. R.K. Fresh Indian Water

This model has an amazing offer right now. But be aware on some problems it has lately.  Even been one of the top sellers, the model present some issue on the latest sales

best uv uf water purifier

It provides an excellent purification system by a reverse osmosis process; it’s also a U.V. water purifier, which helps to provide drinkable water. This purifier has a very attractive design that has a water indicator that allows verifying the water level, facilitating re-filling if the water level drops low.

The RO system is one process of the water treatment system, which eliminates the contamination that might exist in the water, passing through a filter that helps to eliminate any impurity, thus forming purified water.

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As a complement to the reverse osmosis system, it has U.V. rays which remove the smallest contaminants from the water. Due to these integrated systems, R.K. Fresh Indian Water is one of the best water purifier for home use.

  • In an offer price
  • Althought it has been one of the best sellers, lately it present many problems to users
  • Is not one of the most recommended ones right now



Which Water Purifier is best

After all what we have talk here, its pretty clear that having a water purifier is essential for having a pure quality water for safe drinking and without any kind of impurities.

Right now, is the time to choose water purifier according to your budget and needs.

Any of those brands are highly recommended and one of the best ones you can find online on this 2019. So you can choose any of those depending on your budget without any risk and being completely safe

Difference between RO vs UV Water Purifiers

When you are trying to buy and choose a water purifier, you realize that many of them include the acronyms of RO and UV.

Most of the people really doesnt know the meaning of those. But if you really want to know how to choose water purifiers perfect for you,  it would be good to have some knowledge and characteristics about it. 

What is RO water purifier

The acronym RO used on some water purifiers directly means Reverse Osmosis . This technology uses a permeable membrane to remove all the particles, chemical and bacterias that any water can carry on it

So in such a way that clean and purifier the water so we can used safety for consumption

How RO water purifier works

The water flows into the RO system and pass by a very thin clothes where only the size of a water molecule can pass.

Vacterias, germs and virus are much bigger than the molecule itself, so thats why this system prevents to pass the membrane and clear all the water

This create a system that clean the water purely and avoid any contamination in it.

What is UV water purifier

On the other hand, we have the UV water purifier. The acronym of UV mean Ultra Violet.

In this case, the system of purification works through the use of UV rays what destroys the germs and microbes. Some water purifiers include both systems so this process will have action after the RO stage of filter.

Which one is the best?  RO or UV

The RO system are much powerful than the UV. It give higher level of purification,  while the UV purifier it may need an other systems to combine with to give a perfect filtered water

How to choose water purifier

To know how to select water purifier, first, you will have to observe what are your needs and what is the purpose for what you want it.

First you will have to know about the amount of water you would like to filter. Each water purifiers has specific characteristics that can give you a specific amount of filter water per hour.

Depends on if you are willing to have one for you and your family or for bigger range of people who will demand water more regularly. Then you will have to choose one or an other depends on the capacity

And other important aspect is your budget. Right now there are plenty of offers to buy online and you can choose which water purifier to buy depends on your budget. So this may not be a reason to dont get one.

Why you should buy a water purifier?

It’s well known that in India there is a high level of pollution, especially in water, where bacteria and other microorganisms proliferate in this vital liquid. Intake of contaminated water does not only elevate risks of contracting a disease, but it also causes ingest of harmful non-nutrients as well as other particles, which are not necessary for our organism and can cause different affections, which makes water filtration systems extremely necessary. Also keep in mind that the more advanced the purification technology is, the higher the cost of the equipment will be. However, all the models that we expose to you, will give great results.

To have a process of water purification at home is one of the best thing you can do. Having a safety drinking water without have to buy mineral bottles again and again, will prevent your budget and health

Reason to Acquire a Water purifier

So, the main reason to acquire a water purifier is the absolute necessity to contribute to the health of our body. Via water filtration and purification, we can get free of dirt, bacteria, and viruses that the water in India may contain. This means that children and adults are guaranteed to get drinkable water and their health will be safe by ingestion of fully purified water.

On the other hand, it’s important that you define whether you need a water purifier for domestic use or for other purposes.

Advantages from having a water purifier

The main advantages from having one of these products at home are:

  • 🌟 They can be used anywhere and provide you with pure drinkable water. There is also a lot of variety at our websites that can be used to found and buy at a low price. You will find offers and brands with water purifiers of excellent quality, and spare parts for these devices such as water filter as well.
  • 🌟 You remove bacteria, dirt particles contained in the water, dangerous viruses and other substances harmful to the body.  Having a water purifier at home is a significant advantage against common diseases caused by drinking polluted water.
  • 🌟 Tap water and even bottled drinking water usually has flavors produced by calcium or calcium carbonates causing the drinks we make with it, such as juices or coffee, taste odd, the water filter is responsible for eliminating this flavor and convert it to purified water.
  • 🌟 You only get to do one expense by buying a water purifier online, and so you avoid constantly spending on bottled water, which can also be contaminated, just like tap water.

Water purifier Prices

Prices vary according to design and the system that has been incorporated into the different models and all the products have been selected according to the opinions of the consumers. For example, the number 5 of our recommendation list is one of the best water purifiers and it has a price of INR 12,500 due to its reverse osmosis and ultraviolet light system.

Tata swach: Simpler models like these cost up to INR 1,159.

R.K. Aquafresh India:  One of the best in quality/price relation, this costs INR 4,999.

Pureil Hul Classic: This water purifier has an economic purchase price of INR 1,650.

Aquasure Aquaguard Smart Plus: an option of high range with a price of INR 10,999.

– Kent Grand: A product of high quality and reliability at a price of INR 15,300

Features to keep in mind while purchasing a water purifier

The first thing you have to think about before buying either an R.O-U.V. water purifier or a conventional water purifier is what do you expect to get from this device, and how much money do you plan to invest into one of these? If you are looking for something very advanced and you have the budget, you will choose, of course, the purifier that has incorporated a system and design developed by using modern technology. If what you want is to obtain purified water from a device more convenient for your economical possibilities, then it will suffice to purchase a simple purifier.

A very important feature that you must keep in mind before buying a new water purifier is the water filter price because it will be replaced as instructed by the manufacturer company, so you have to look for high performance at an economic cost and the water purifier industry is continuously evolving with important novelties.

Final thoughts

Whether it’s a regular model or the most advanced of them, having a water purifier at home is necessary if you want to avoid illnesses and protect your children, who are the ones most exposed to bacteria and the most affected by the dirty particles in the water. But it will also serve to protect your personal health and that of all the adults.

Buying a water purifier is definitely a smart investment if you do it the right way, just choose a product that meets your needs while you are able to periodically perform the proper maintenance, as established by the manufacturer.

Removing impurities and bacteria has never been so easy, get rid of a headache and avoid getting any disease by the using a water purifier available at our site and remember to consult the water purifier reviews to ensure the best purchase.

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