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The 7 Best Kent Water Purifier

kent grand price

Kent Ro Systems specializes in health care products. It is one of the first companies to bring reverse osmosis (RO) technology to India and has been in that country since 1999.

Kent Water Purifier Review

Today the brand is known for being one of the best in technological performance and innovative designs that significantly improve the quality of life of its users. They also offer different products to the water purifiers but these are one of their most important products. Kent has offices in almost all India becoming a reliable company that produces best water purifiers in India.

Best Offers on Kent Water Purifier

Below is the list with the 7 best offers on kent water purifier:

1. Kent Grand +

kent water purifier price in india

One of the best models of the brand is this Kent ro water purifier, because apart from the RO system also has the ultra-violet light system and control of TDS (total dissolved solids) that maintains the essential minerals water for the body, such as calcium, magnesium and sodium.

Kent Grand Plus Price goes around 19,000 – 15,000 . Sometimes Amazon give good offers and discount on this version.

You can check it out on this review box

Advantages of Kent Grand + :

● ✅ Removes impurities and maintains the minerals in the water.
● ✅ It has a dual purification system; RO and UV.
● ✅ 8 liters of water to store.


● It is one of the most expensive products of the company, however this is due to its built-in systems.
● They waste some water.

2. Kent Grand

kent grand price

The model Kent ro Grand is for wall installation, has dual purification technology that removes all impurities contained in the water, includes the ro system and is one of the best water purifiers for home.

As well the Kent Grand Price quality standards are one of the best . Being one of the most popular and review into the amazon customers who choose to buy online.


● ✅ It has 8 liters of water storage.
● ✅ It can purify up to 15 liters of water per hour.
● ✅ Has double purification system (Ro+UV)
● ✅ Can achieve a maximum daily purification cycle of 75 litres.
● ✅ Attractive wall design.


● Slightly larger than other brand purifiers.

3. Kent Maxx

kent alkaline water purifier

This appliance is one of the best water purifiers under 10,000, as it has several aspects that make it excellent both in functionality and price, also its aesthetics is well cared for, its design makes it striking, simple and elegant, its white color combines with any color of kitchen.


● ✅ One of the best products at the best price.
● ✅ It has 7 liters of water storage.
● ✅ UV technology.
● ✅ Has a daily cycle of 120 liters of water.


● Does not include the RO system, so it is not recommended for waters with high TDS content.

4. Kent Ultra Wall

kent ro uv uf tds water purifier

The following product is another of Kent’s mountable models and provides quality water purification. It has a UV technology that ensures that the water is in optimum condition for consumption and systems that help maintain the water filter and if the UV lamp fails.


● ✅ Advanced 3-stage filtration. Water passes through carbon filter, sediment filter and disinfects by ultra-violet light.
● ✅ It is made of unbreakable ABS plastic that guarantees greater durability of use and life.
● ✅ Handles wide voltage range (100-300 volts)
● ✅ The Kent water purifier Price is excellent.


● Does not remove dissolved impurities due to lack of RO system. Suitable for low TDS water inlet.
● The design is not as striking as other products of the brand.

5. Kent Gold Optima

kent gold

This water purifier, apart from being one of the most economical of the brand, is based on gravity, i.e. it does not need electric current to operate, in addition it is the only gravity water purifier that is certified to eliminate cysts.


● ✅Economic Kent water purifier Price.
● ✅Does not use chemicals or electricity.
● ✅It has a water storage of 10 liters.
● ✅Excellent for small families.


● Suitable only for low TDS water.
● Does not have systems such as RO System or UV.
● Suitable only for low TDS water.
● Does not have systems such as RO System or UV.

6. Kent Pearl

kent pearl review

The kent pearl water purifier is one of those for obtaining mineral water through Kent’s ROTM Mineral technology. This water purifier meets all standards to make it one of the best water purifiers for domestic use. 

As well kent pearl price quality standard are really good ones

Its one of the best options to buy online, getting all the time good reviews and ratings from the people who choose to buy online in Amazon


● ✅Can purify water from different sources such as wells and tanks.
● ✅Equipped with double purification system.
● ✅Produces mineral water.
● ✅Ideal for home or work.


● It’s a little heavier than Kent’s other purifiers.

7. Kent Ace Mineral

kent ace water purifier

The most striking thing about this purifier is that it has a futuristic design that gives it a touch of elegance. It is equipped with RO technology that purifies water to mineral and TDS control.


● ✅It is suitable for the purification of salt water and tap.
● ✅Designed to give an elegant touch to any kitchen.
● ✅Dual purification system (UV + RO+)

Why choose a kent water purifier?

As already mentioned Kent is a brand that specializes in taking care of the health of its users, and has long been one of the leading manufacturers of water purifiers. Choosing a Kent water purifier is already having the guarantee that this equipment will be durable and work in optimal conditions.

The technology implemented in Kent’s equipment is some of the most advanced, and this can also be seen in their wonderful designs, which is also a relevant point when choosing a purifier.

Another important factor, is that the kent water purifier price are excellent and there is variety to choose from, which makes them a quality brand that can cover many of the needs of Indians, according to this you can choose more sophisticated equipment and more functions or the simplest but equally useful.

Advantages of choosing a kent water purifier

What is special about Kent is that its long history has allowed it to have offices and stores in almost all of India so the following advantages are clear:

● They offer good guarantees on their products and of course on the quality of them.
● They have maintenance services, spare parts and installation at hand, not like other brands.
● Their catalogue of products is wide, achieving competitive prices in the market and there are many options to choose from.

How does a Kent water purifier work?

Depending on the equipment, the purifiers offered from this brand have special systems that help remineralize the water, disinfect the liquid of bacteria and viruses. One of those systems that almost all of Kent’s equipment has is the famous RO system and the UV lamp, which together make these purifiers the best water purifiers in India.

The water found in the purifier is driven by gravity or energy (depending on the equipment) to the filter water mostly carbon, some equipments have up to 3 types of filter already read, this happens to separate the molecules that can contain impure water and after or during that process the UV lamp is responsible for eliminating bacteria and viruses.

The TDS controller contributes to the fact that the water has enough minerals for the organisms, all this process occurs during the stay of the water in a Kent purifier.


If you are looking for a purify water equipment at an excellent price, Kent has it, if you want one that adds an elegant touch to your kitchen, Kent has it, if you want an equipment that has all the necessary systems for safe drinking water, Kent has it too.

Buy a Kent water purifier is a long-term investment in our health. With the Kent RO water purifier system a person can be relieved to ingest this vital liquid we need.


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