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The water crisis in India

There is a big problem aching the population in India, it is severe water pollution. The same water pollution has been happening over the last few decades.

The population in India stands polluted water problem, which causes several illnesses in both adults and children who ingest it. As a result, it also affects directly on economic progress in many areas of this country. Examples of this are those crops where this sort of water is used instead of safe water.

how to prevent water pollution

Many people in different zones of India have the need to collect mineral water using containers that come from cistern truck. In order to do this, they spend a lot of time waiting in long lines. So they can get a bit of water suitable for human consumption, in other words, non-contaminated water. Sometimes, people who want to obtain a ration of this liquid have to incur into violence due to their despair.

When people can’t access to safe drinking water, besides exposing themselves to viruses, bacteria, and parasites. They can dangerously affect their health. They also take unneeded minerals that might harm their organism as well, since they won’t be used at any regular function inside their bodies.

Mineral water benefits

The mineral water contents minerals that our bodies need to stay healthy. Moreover, it is a sort of water that could even be therapeutic for those who consume it. Among the substances composing this kind of water. There are different kinds of salts, sulfur compounds, some sort of gases, and more. A bit of info, the best thing about this type of water is that it can be found from its natural sources.

Prior to talking more about mineral water, and everything involved on her. There are some important points to talk about regarding the actual problem with the water in India. We’ll get to it now,

Almost seventy percent (70%) of water in India is already polluted and just about one-third of the wastewater is treated. It means, wastewater is contaminating the few safe water existing in the country. As a result, this water is being contaminated is found in rivers, underground wells, among other sources.

Some of the contaminants found in polluted water from India. It might be harmful to our health are nitrates, arsenic, fluorine among other substances related to cancer. We can see the problem affects people not only with viruses or bacteria moderately easy to treat. So, they can get cancer or any other dangerous illness.

Certainly, the water problematic keeps getting worse daily. The appropriate organisms do almost nothing to face that situation and find solutions to assure a safe drinking water supply to every single family in the country.

best water purifier in india for home

Why does water pollution occur in India?

Leaving aside the poor sanitation system implemented in the country to produce clean water. It is necessary to highlight that many people nowadays contribute to pollution of many sources of clean water. Some of them by doing outdoors defecation, such thing causes pollution of both rivers and soil, via water effluents, the contamination spreads to many other areas.

Companies which apparently treat the water, use unsafe methods that end up by damaging its reliability, causing then other worrying illnesses to spread among the population who consume it. Many of these companies don’t use a correct water filter, which might be able to dissolve harmful but small particles and produce mineral water.

Another key factor in the growing pollution of water in India is the industrial landfills. Here toxic materials are disposed in water wells, lakes, important water effluents, and many other areas, contaminating both rivers and soils.

What should we think about before having water?

In order to make sure that you are safe while drinking water, you need to think about the following factors:

  • Water is not red-colored, Brown or any other color.
  • The smell of water is supposed to be natural (it shouldn’t have any smell at all) specially a rust smell or any other sort of smell.
  • Just like its smell, it shouldn’t have any weird taste.
  • Its source; if it comes straight from a water well or a river, it is not already polluted. You must know if there is any landfill of public bathrooms nearby, among other things.
  • It is a low TDS level in water.

In case you can’t be sure about the reliability of water you want to consume. It is recommendable to boil it in order to eliminate bacteria and parasites that could be harmful to you.

How to stop the contaminated water problem?

Exists one way to face this problem, although it won’t completely stop this problematic. It would assure a constant supply of mineral water to many families at home, I’m talking about the water purifiers.

The water purifiers are devices specialized to treat contaminated water and turn it into safe drinking water. These water filters retain small dirt molecules. It uses systems like the reverse osmosis system and the ultraviolet system to sanitize water to transform it into mineral water.

Polluted water goes through a sanitizing process which is not that long and finds itself turned into safe water to drink. At least this way a family has granted water suitable for consumption and, their organism is safe.

prevention of water pollution

Why is it so important to have a water purifier?

Additionally to its important function of turning polluted water into safe drinking water, they are also important because many of them count with a water filter which adds necessary minerals for the organism, minerals that every source of mineral water should have.

A point in favor of water purifiers is they eliminate any flavor or smell from the water, making it easier to ingest and of course, that causes a pleasant sensation while drinking water. Another positive aspect to think about is: having one of these devices at home allows you to assure that parasites, virus, and bacteria will be eliminated from water. Of course, as a preventive measure, it is not recommended to use a water filter to treat extremely contaminated water.

Many water purifiers do not consume electric energy and work by using gravity. Some others are more sophisticated and have energy saving systems incorporated. Certainly, all of these characteristics are important to make your mind and buy a product that guarantees a constant supply of safe water if you want to have optimum health for you and your relatives.

Depending on the sort of purifier, you’ll find that some of them have a TDS controller in the water, making it healthier and allowing those minerals necessary to the organism to stay in the water.

For example,  the most recognized water purifiers’ brands in India are: Aquaguard RO, Pureit purifier, Kent purifier. Most of them also include on their devices the water purification systems Reverse Osmosis system and the Ultraviolet system.

tap water polluted

Final thoughts about the the water crisis in India

Meanwhile a solution for the wastewater sanitation problem is found, in order to get safe drinking water, it is recommendable to have a water purifier which guarantees the organism’s health.

The water purifiers are a manner to get safe drinking water at home and, save some money in the long term since many people are used to buying water from unsafe distributors. Using a water purifier you’ll guarantee safe water by yourself, without any consumption worries.

The Ro system eliminates bacteria and impurities from the water. The ultraviolet system eliminates viruses and even more impurities that could be harmful to the organism.

In conclusion, every person has to contribute to finding a final solution to the pollution all over India. We must not throw away debris in the rivers, green areas nor at any other areas. We must also avoid any actions that lead to making worse the pollution problem in any healthy water left in the country.

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